About Us

With you From Start to Finish

KAF Resturant Supplies has the capabilites to help you begin your restaurant journey and see it through till the end. 

Equipment Install

We will work with you right from the drawing stage to find the best equipment that will fit your space. Then we ensure perfect installation so you never have to worry. 

All the Right Supplies

We have a warehouse full of quality bar and restaurant supplies and we will help you find the perfect products for you business and ensure they are delivered on time to you!

Maintenance and Upkeep

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We Care About Our Customers

We offer a level of service to our customers that you will not find anywhere else. Our business is based around doing right by our customers, whether its ensuring on time delivery, rush orders, or going that extra mile. 


I have been working with KAF Supplies for over a decade managing several of Toronto's top day and nightlife destinations. Without a doubt they provide the best service and value for anything we have needed. On countless occasions they have gone above and beyond - exceeding our service expectations and I would recommend them to any one in the industry. A genuine family run business that has never disappointed, and has always had our businesses​' best interests in mind in one of the most fast paced, competitive industries in the GTA.

Nathan McKell

Solid guys! Been working with them for 3 years and they are very professional, hands on, and most importantly reliable. Gus and Foti continued success! And thanks for all you do for us!!

Eddie Olivera

I have been using KAF Bar and Restaurant Supplies for years and they have excellent product and amazing service. Staff are friendly and look after their clients. I highly recommend them.

Michael Gesualdi

Awesome service!! I have been working with KAF for over a decade, and i have found them to be some of the most friendly and accommodating staff around. Thanks guys for always putting your customers first.


These guys have been above and beyond to make my life easer. they have anything from china, pop sodas to dishwashing supplies/ equipment. Next day delivery. Very reasonable prices.

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Jon Sidoo
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