KAF Supplies is a licensed distributor of Vellamo!

KAF Supplies is now a licensed distributor of Vellamo Water. The Vellamo Water bottle is a premium reusable water bottle that has roots in Finland.

Although Finland has close to 200,000 lakes and innumerable rivers and springs, it only has one natural mineral-water fountain, which is the Vellamo fountain in the little village of Viikinäinen. The fountain was discovered as late as 1990, and its geological survey disclosed an amazing fact: the water’s origins from melted Ice Age glaciers, from prehistoric times, when the world population was smaller than that of modern-day New York. Because the water’s molecules had not been in touch with anything above the ground for thousands of years, the water has a safe bacterial colony count of 0.

At the same time as the Ice Age melting water was filtered through granite, forming a perfect natural mineral water, those glacial meltwaters transported, sorted, and deposited the sand and gravel that formed the famous Salpausselkä Ridges: the home of the Vellamo spring-water well. The Ridges’ thick, clean layers of sand and moraine gravel ensure an exceptionally pure natural filtration system, which explains Vellamo Spring Water’s extremely fresh taste.

The Glass Bottle
Our partner reforms rugged sand, limestone, and soda-ash with fire and air to form an award-winning shape that will eventually hold our water. High-end manufactured glass also holds our spring water. Born from melting glaciers and filtered through sand and gravel, the bottle communicates its smoothness and purity.

  • 100% CO₂ Compensated Lifecycle
  • Glass is the only material that can be 100 % recycled. Neither quality nor quantity is affected in the cycle.
  • Almost 95 % of all bottles in Finland get a new life through recycling. Finland is the most efficient recycler of plastic bottles, with 12 bottles entering the circuit every second.
  • PET bottles save energy in production and transport. 100% of the recycled bottle will be reused as new material.

The Seal

  • Designed and built by our local partner in Hämeenlinna, we have chosen aluminum seals with minimum plastic to protect our water safely.
  • Each component, which are products of fine engineering and design, is built with recyclable materials. Still, we continuously seek the best solution for the least impact.
The Label
  • A unique Finnish innovation, we are the first brand in the world using a wood based UPM Raflatac's Forest Film label.
  • In Europe's most forested nation, with over 70 % covered in trees, the materials are sourced from certified areas supporting sustainable growth and the natural environment.
  • Fossil-free renewable naphtha, the raw material that is a byproduct of the Finnish forest industry covering 20% of national export, comes from a local biorefinery in neighboring Lappeenranta.

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