1.5mm Stepdown Replacement Thermometer Probe for 1470FS

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TaylorSKU: 1470FSRP


Use the Taylor 1470FSRP 1.5 mm stepdown probe to replace a broken one.Having an accurate probe is vital to maintaining proper food safety practices. If the probe on your 1470FS or 1470 digital probe thermometer has become damaged, make sure to replace it promptly with this one.

  • Direct Replacement: Over time, equipment can become damaged or worn out. If you find that your thermometer's probe has become unreliable or damaged, this one can be used as a suitable replacement for the old one. It has the same 6" length and FDA-recommended 1.5mm fine tip for delicate seafood or ground meats.
  • 48" Cord: The extra'long 48" cord gives you maximum range of motion and lets you place the thermometer in the most convenient location for measuring temperature. It is heat resistant too, so you can keep an eye on the temperature without opening the oven door.

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