Digital 100 MInute Kitchen Timer (6-Pack)

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Perfect for a variety of food service applications, this Taylor 5822 digital kitchen timer with memory is just what your kitchen needs to stay up to speed! Counting up to 99 minutes and 59 seconds, the timer operates with easy-to-use buttons, including "MIN" for minute, "SEC" for second, and start / stop. You can monitor the elapsing time by consulting the large, LCD display, and use the memory recall to streamline use.

  • Diverse Application: The timer even allows you to switch between counting up to and down from the set time. This is great for diverse kitchens where staff have different preferences and needs.
  • Splash-Resistant: To deliver a reliable, long-lasting product, the timer is built with a splash-resistant housing.
  • Battery Operated: This timer is battery operated. 1 AAA battery is included for operation.
  • Versatile: It even features a magnet, which helps to keep the timer in one place so that it won't be lost or misplaced during the hustle and bustle of food prep.
  • Plus, if you're catering or just in need of a more portable timer, take advantage of its small size and either clip it to your pocket or slip it in for easy transport.
  • A stand allows the timer to sit upright on a flat surface too, such as a shelf or countertop.

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