Instant Read Meat Thermometer, Stainless Steel, (6-Pack)

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Cooking foods at the right temperature for the right time is one of the primary pillars of food safety, and a thermometer is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you always hit that core temperature. This product delivers simplicity, durability, and speed to help you stay on top of food safety without dragging down productivity. It is perfect for a wide variety of establishments, from restaurants and cafes to delis.

  • Temperature range 0 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and -17 to 105 degrees Celsius
  • 5-inch slim stainless steel stem 0.142 inch diameter, its swedged tip having no cracks where bacteria can grow and separate and be left behind
  • Shatterproof non-magnified lens; accelerant enhances the instrument's speed of response; metal dial eliminates dial warpage and graduation distortion
  • Quadruple-function plastic part serves as thermometer sleeve (protector), holder with clip for keeping in your pocket, handle to hold thermometer while in use to avoid burns near heat, and calibration adjuster
  • NSF certified

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